Merafuentes Korean Karate - Reviews

Address: 145 Woodrow Ave, Modesto, CA 95350

Phone: (209) 549-2482

Matthew Correia

Matthew Correia

Our family has been with Merafuentes Korean Karate for 7 years now and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this amazing Karate school. My son started karate with Merafuentes Korean Karate when he was 3&1/2 years old. He is now 10 and working towards his Junior Black Belt.

He is also on the Merafuentes Karate Leadership Team which encourages young students to become leaders as well as to care for and be involved in their community.

Master Merafuentes and his Instructors have been amazing teachers and mentors, not just for my son, but for many other students that we’ve befriended over the years.

Also, my daughter, age 6, began taking classes at Merafuentes Korean Karate this past year and LOVES IT! The school has such a positive atmosphere and all the Instructors are patient and attentive to each student and their needs. The values that they instill in our children now will help shape them in to mindful, nurturing and confident adults.

-Liz Correia